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Wind Residences is Along Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Maharlika West, Tagaytay City that is located no more than a hour away from Manila. Petron is at the left side and just beside is the Summit Ridge Hotel. Josephine Restaurant is also nearby to fill your appetite. The unique thing about this project is that it is built at a gap of 30 meters from the street to give is a unique look and give space to greener surroundings and open spaces.

Enjoy a Tagaytay weekend getaway at your very own dream home at Wind Residences.

Located in the progressive Tagyayay city,  Wind Residences maintains the vibrancy that the city offers. Nothing says one has made it quite like a Tagyatay address. This is because the city has so much in store to give to its residents.

The highly urbanized city is the centre of the action. This is a city where pleasure meets business in the most unexpected and pleasant manner. Tagyatay city residences is the choice of successful and stylish individuals. The city gives a multifaceted fun living experience to its residents and that is why choosing Wind Residences is the best thing to do.

Tagyatay city gives a five-star living experience to its residents in all ways possible. Its nature-rich setting ensures that they enjoy the peaceful nature and the calming effect of the mother nature. For wonderful jogging and walking experiences, Tagyatay has the best nature setting. The residents have a choice if unwinding by enjoying what nature gave to the city.

Living in a residence that takes pride in the soil of Tagyatay city means enjoying the city's vibrant lifestyle all year round. The exceptional shopping malls and shopping centres always have their doors open to give the residents satisfaction. Those who shop for fun and those who shop for convenience are all catered for. The residents have the chance to have the air of a good life; a life that knows not the vocabulary 'lack' because the shopping malls are ever ready to serve them. On top of that, the bargain shopping centres always provide services and goods at cheaper and affordable prices.

Tagyatay residents experience daily happiness in this city that gives everyone a chance to thrive financially. Job opportunities are in plenty in this fast-paced city. Whether white collar jobs or the other jobs all are easily found in the city. Furthermore, the economy of this city provides good grounds for establishing businesses that promise good returns. Tagyatay city is one if the cities that are growing very fast economically and this is exactly why everyone should invest both in a home and in a business in Tagyatay.

The city is the best place where family and friends can converge and have fun. The restaurants and clubs are the perfect places for catching up.with friends and family. The laughter and joy in the air is all everyone needs.

As a resident of Tagyatay city, one gets to enjoy the best infrastructure in the country. The best and world recognised schools are tucked in this beautiful city. In addition, most of the country's best hospitals are located in this progressive city.

Transportation has never been better than that of Tagyatay city. The jeeps and the taxicabs never disappoints neither does the buses. Life has never been netter that that of Tagyatay city residents and living in Wind Residences is making it much more elegant.

Nearby Places :

  • Tagaytay Hospital & Medical Center, Incorporated, Silang, Calabarzon, Philippines (8 min)
  • Mater Dei Academy (3 min)
  • Tagaytay City National High School (4 min)
  • Metro Tagaytay College (2 min)
  • Lourdes Church (3 min)
  • Caleruega (21 min)
  • Chapel on the Hill (17 min)
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